Thursday, July 19, 2012

Style by definition, a starting point....

Finding the true you...”style.”
Style by definition: is a “noun” meaning respect to expense or display, an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious “mode of living.” I love this definition because fashion is a mode of living, though I think verb should replace noun as the part of speech. Our daily modes of living are fast paced and always changing. Trends are trending and everyone is scurrying around to keep up. But before you get trampled in the foot traffic,  let’s all stop, and take a good hard look deeper into that reflection in the mirror; the inner you. What is your style? Those few must have pieces that go from day to night, from work week to weekend, and special occasion to any occasion. Your elegant, luxurious everyday mode of living will probably not mimic that of the supermodel/ actress on the cover  of last issue of Harper’s Bizarre. I know we are all lusting after that Jcrew sequin skirt , the Marc Jacobs leather top and of course the mile high, 6 inch, red soled Christian Louboutin’s ( all of which I will rave about, write about and gush over), but let’s get practical, this is not and cannot be everyone’s daily go to style. If you are one the lucky few that this describes we are not dismissing you, stick around even just for amusement.
So you’re asking “StyleMeKDG, where do I begin? I would reply “With the basics…what colors, textures and shapes do you find most comforting to wear?” This is important to recognize right up front. As we get deeper inside your closet there will be a time and a place to depart our comfort zone for the torturous world of the unknown. For me white linen pants, Jcrew vintage cotton tees (bright colors), cashmere anything, studded ballet flats,  a giant sparkling MK mens watch and the contours of a luscious leather handbag are my true go to, any time of year!
What are your go to, true to you pieces?